Yo Mama Band

Yo Mama Band


Delivering a powerful combination of alternative and ambient rock influences, vivid story-based lyrics and an energetic, captivating performance, this Ontario based band puts their heart and soul into every show, making it hard not to notice this up and coming act.

The heart of the ensemble is saxophone-playing lead singer Shelley Montreuil. Known for her sensitive yet bold song-writing, she charms you with her sometimes soft and sultry, sometimes powerful and gritty vocals, and then turns around to deliver a scorching sax solo, or conversely weaves a haunting ambient horn riff into the musical layers the band is crafting around the songs.

Drawing on an obvious mix of genres from roots to ambient to electronic, this five piece group create a distinct sound that is somehow familiar but definitely new all at the same time. Perhaps it is a consequence of the band members’ diverse range of influences, ranging from jazz to Phil Collins to Janis Joplin to prog rock. Whatever the inspiration, Yo Mama has a sound that is sweet, but with an edge; a little funky, a little ambient … experimental alternative rock, sprinkled with glittery harmonies and bad-ass grooves.

“Yo Mama is a real act to behold, I figure Shelley must channel the greats to put on a show that I can only compare to the best showmanship of the past yet her groove is far from outdated – and they rock!”

Elaina Martin
Producer, Westfest

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