Wooing festival organizers and finding new venues … it’s like herding cats strung out on catnip

It’s a beautiful Fall morning in Lanark County and as I sit here preparing for some very important performances I wonder where the summer went.  My plan was to blog regularly about where we were and what we were doing …. share a bit of the ‘life in a big white RV experience’ but I have been so busy just keeping up with myself that I haven’t had the time.

In a nutshell (and probably not exactly in chronological order) we …

  • went to World Pride in Toronto, met Denis, who invited us (at this point still strangers) to park the big white RV in his driveway – See my post on this awesome weekend here: Two whippets, an Italian greyhound and Denis
  • played the Wilno blues jam for my first time ever – it is everything they say it is … go there … no, really, go there, the music is spectacular and the food is to die for … I had a perogie that was the size of my head – The Wilno Tavern
  • started playing regularly in Pembroke at 25 West Taps & Tapas – these guys hosted Pembroke’s first ever Pride after-party … I hope that’s all I need to say to get you out there, they are terrific, the food is awesome and the service is beyond reproach
  • sat in with Matt LeMay at Santa Fe in Pembroke – Santa Fe is talking about getting our Janis Joplin show out there this winter, will tell more as we know – if you are ever in Pembroke on a Thursday night go to Santa Fe for Matt’s jam, the entertainment is always awesome and the staff will make you feel at home
  • took Yo Mama and Fluffy Little Cowboys on tour to PEI (awesome!) – we played everything from community jamborees to downtown Charlottetown hot spots … I love this island!
  • got accepted into Folk Music Canada’s Export Development Program (part of the Folk Music Ontario conference in a couple weeks)
  • added two more Fluffies to the Cowboys for an all-chick quartet – Barb is an old music friend from Pembroke and her wife, Hellen, is a killer singer from Toronto … I am loving our quartet sound and our collective energy
  • set up a private showcase room for the Folk Music Ontario conference Oct 16-19 in Toronto – see: Chicks Rock Showcase for details
  • recorded EP’s for both Yo Mama and Fluffy Little Cowboys
  • went to Toronto to see a friend’s play during Gay Play Day – were invited to park on the water at Ashbridges Bay … (got kicked out of the Ashbridges Bay Yacht Club, found Megan’s boat further down the shore at a less prestigious, more welcoming club … parked there) … met Megan’s friend Pentti who used to play drums with Alice Cooper
  • got asked to audition for Westfest in Ottawa – keep your fingers crossed for us 🙂
  • set up an impromptu matinee gig at Patty’s Pub in Ottawa re: audition – Event details here
  • decided to stay in Canada for the winter so we can be present to promote the bands and work on getting the festival gigs we want for next summer
  • moving all our stuff into Maureen’s PEI cottage and my Mother’s Pembroke basement (my old room) … yep, I’m going home to Mother, or as I like to call her, My Mama

This summer has been all about seeing and being seen … getting all the ducks (or as I like to think of it, cats … one-minded, ADHD, creative cats … myself included) in order, to really push forward into next summer’s festival season with at least a fighting chance, and more importantly giving my bands’ music an opportunity to evolve and to breathe.

We have two new EP’s, a chance to converse with music buyers, and have a big white RV to get to the gigs in … I’m ready to roll!

Ok, now that we are caught up let’s see if I can stay on top of this whole ‘blogging’ thing!


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Two whippets, an Italian greyhound and Denis … beautiful Denis

This weekend we decided to take the big, white RV along with a bunch of our friends to Toronto to join in the celebrations for World Pride.  With one Million visitors projected in attendance you can be certain that there would not have been a room to be found in most of the downtown core and those that might be availble would cost a pretty penny.  Thank goodness for the big, white RV (and for friends with an inside track on the best back street parking in one ot he busiest and most interesting cities I know)!

Thanks to those friends we found ourselves a lovely parking spot on a secluded street by a park AND it was within walking distance to the festival – really, who could ask for more?!  So, we didn’t ask but it was offered to us anyway in the form of a lovely man by the name of Denis.  Maureen was busy feeding the meter when he poked his head around the RV saying

‘Hi there … is that your RV?!  Well I was wondering if you would like to park in my driveway .. I am guessing that you are here for Pride and parking on the street is just so expensive…You can plug into my power and I have a hose hookup you could use as well …. how about under that big, leafy tree?’.

And so began our new friendship with a wonderfully lovely man.  He invited us for drinks in his beautifully decorated home saying

The Lion of Persia cover‘Don’t mind the decor, if it looks like an old drag queen blew up in here, an old drag queen did blow up in here’

Denis is a wonderful storyteller … we spent quite a bit of time just chatting about the park and the cardinals and the hawks, and his old life as the travelling hair dresser supervisor for big fashion magazines, about his dogs and about his beautiful art …. oh, and his new book!  The Lion of Persia – we were given a signed copy which I am very eager to read …. copies can be purchased on Amazon at: The Lion of Persia.

Oh yes, Pride was fun too.


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