Christmas on PEI

Christmas on PEI

Flying toilet paper and unexpected pickup lines

Boxing day on PEI was a real treat – Mo and I grabbed her sister Miriam and headed into Summerside to check out the Southside Blues Band at the Wing.  Steve Guy on tenor and Reggie Ballagh on drums are a joy to listen to and always make me feel at home with them on stage.

The last time we were at The Wing was Halowe’en (coincidentally, that was also the first time we were ever there as well) – the boys invited me up then to play and things got pretty steamy on stage. On this evening it was a lovely and unexpected surprise to walk in and set down my horn only to receive a round of applause from a group of strangers who were sitting at a poorly lit table in a back corner of the room – when I looked over my shoulder to see what the commotion was all about they enthusiastically assured me that it was for me … how fun!

I played a few tunes with the boys and then we took a break …  good thing because the new bra I was wearing was tight and uncomfortable, I needed to fix the straps.  So I went to the washroom and took some time in the stall to make the adjustments.  There I was sitting on the toilet with my shirt half undone when I heard a woman say “I’ll just toss this over and you and install it ok?” and the next thing I knew there was a roll of toilet paper hurtling it’s way over the stall door and straight towards me.

When I finally finished up in there I went back out, played some more tunes with the boys and then we packed up for the night.  I had some lovely conversations with the locals, most notably an older woman with a particularely prominent front tooth.  She told me that in her younger years she would always ‘go for’ the guys playing the sax, they just ‘got her motor running … if you know what I mean’.  So this evening she was surprised to find that her motor still had some va va voom 😉

She assured me that she wasn’t trying to pick me up but it kind of felt like she wanted to … oh well, it’s always a compliment 🙂

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