This is a site that is all about life being one big story.

Ever since I was in highschool and had an awesome, competitive, inspiring friendship with my buddy Andrea (she played flute and first alto in the dance band, I played clarinet and first tenor) I have felt that one of the biggest gifts life can give us is a good story … of course developing your ability to tell that story engagingly is a whole other journey and one that Andrea taught me … whether she knew it or not 😉

In mid to late 2012, on the heels of the breakup of my longest relationship to date, it occurred to me that not only do I crave the challenge and exhileration of playing and performing music, but most other people – as a fairly broad statement – crave the company of and some kind of connection with musicians.  It’s not that I didn’t know this before but it became crystal clear for me the day a nice man stopped me on my morning jog to ask if I was “that girl with the sax’ he had seen the other night at a local pub.

We were both very pleased to meet each other and that was when I vowed to myself that I would do my level best to give both myself and the general public exactly what we wanted … each other.

A Christmas trip to Mexico and a new relationship with a girl who had a crazy red van and I think I’m finally getting there!

This site is the story of my experiences on this journey and it is a gathering place to convey stuff about all the new and interesting projects I am getting involved in.  Please feel free to let me know what you think and just share your thoughts in general … every story only gets better with participation.