Wooing festival organizers and finding new venues … it’s like herding cats strung out on catnip

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Wooing festival organizers and finding new venues … it’s like herding cats strung out on catnip

It’s a beautiful Fall morning in Lanark County and as I sit here preparing for some very important performances I wonder where the summer went.  My plan was to blog regularly about where we were and what we were doing …. share a bit of the ‘life in a big white RV experience’ but I have been so busy just keeping up with myself that I haven’t had the time.

In a nutshell (and probably not exactly in chronological order) we …

  • went to World Pride in Toronto, met Denis, who invited us (at this point still strangers) to park the big white RV in his driveway – See my post on this awesome weekend here: Two whippets, an Italian greyhound and Denis
  • played the Wilno blues jam for my first time ever – it is everything they say it is … go there … no, really, go there, the music is spectacular and the food is to die for … I had a perogie that was the size of my head – The Wilno Tavern
  • started playing regularly in Pembroke at 25 West Taps & Tapas – these guys hosted Pembroke’s first ever Pride after-party … I hope that’s all I need to say to get you out there, they are terrific, the food is awesome and the service is beyond reproach
  • sat in with Matt LeMay at Santa Fe in Pembroke – Santa Fe is talking about getting our Janis Joplin show out there this winter, will tell more as we know – if you are ever in Pembroke on a Thursday night go to Santa Fe for Matt’s jam, the entertainment is always awesome and the staff will make you feel at home
  • took Yo Mama and Fluffy Little Cowboys on tour to PEI (awesome!) – we played everything from community jamborees to downtown Charlottetown hot spots … I love this island!
  • got accepted into Folk Music Canada’s Export Development Program (part of the Folk Music Ontario conference in a couple weeks)
  • added two more Fluffies to the Cowboys for an all-chick quartet – Barb is an old music friend from Pembroke and her wife, Hellen, is a killer singer from Toronto … I am loving our quartet sound and our collective energy
  • set up a private showcase room for the Folk Music Ontario conference Oct 16-19 in Toronto – see: Chicks Rock Showcase for details
  • recorded EP’s for both Yo Mama and Fluffy Little Cowboys
  • went to Toronto to see a friend’s play during Gay Play Day – were invited to park on the water at Ashbridges Bay … (got kicked out of the Ashbridges Bay Yacht Club, found Megan’s boat further down the shore at a less prestigious, more welcoming club … parked there) … met Megan’s friend Pentti who used to play drums with Alice Cooper
  • got asked to audition for Westfest in Ottawa – keep your fingers crossed for us 🙂
  • set up an impromptu matinee gig at Patty’s Pub in Ottawa re: audition – Event details here
  • decided to stay in Canada for the winter so we can be present to promote the bands and work on getting the festival gigs we want for next summer
  • moving all our stuff into Maureen’s PEI cottage and my Mother’s Pembroke basement (my old room) … yep, I’m going home to Mother, or as I like to call her, My Mama

This summer has been all about seeing and being seen … getting all the ducks (or as I like to think of it, cats … one-minded, ADHD, creative cats … myself included) in order, to really push forward into next summer’s festival season with at least a fighting chance, and more importantly giving my bands’ music an opportunity to evolve and to breathe.

We have two new EP’s, a chance to converse with music buyers, and have a big white RV to get to the gigs in … I’m ready to roll!

Ok, now that we are caught up let’s see if I can stay on top of this whole ‘blogging’ thing!