Two whippets, an Italian greyhound and Denis … beautiful Denis

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Two whippets, an Italian greyhound and Denis … beautiful Denis

This weekend we decided to take the big, white RV along with a bunch of our friends to Toronto to join in the celebrations for World Pride.  With one Million visitors projected in attendance you can be certain that there would not have been a room to be found in most of the downtown core and those that might be availble would cost a pretty penny.  Thank goodness for the big, white RV (and for friends with an inside track on the best back street parking in one ot he busiest and most interesting cities I know)!

Thanks to those friends we found ourselves a lovely parking spot on a secluded street by a park AND it was within walking distance to the festival – really, who could ask for more?!  So, we didn’t ask but it was offered to us anyway in the form of a lovely man by the name of Denis.  Maureen was busy feeding the meter when he poked his head around the RV saying

‘Hi there … is that your RV?!  Well I was wondering if you would like to park in my driveway .. I am guessing that you are here for Pride and parking on the street is just so expensive…You can plug into my power and I have a hose hookup you could use as well …. how about under that big, leafy tree?’.

And so began our new friendship with a wonderfully lovely man.  He invited us for drinks in his beautifully decorated home saying

The Lion of Persia cover‘Don’t mind the decor, if it looks like an old drag queen blew up in here, an old drag queen did blow up in here’

Denis is a wonderful storyteller … we spent quite a bit of time just chatting about the park and the cardinals and the hawks, and his old life as the travelling hair dresser supervisor for big fashion magazines, about his dogs and about his beautiful art …. oh, and his new book!  The Lion of Persia – we were given a signed copy which I am very eager to read …. copies can be purchased on Amazon at: The Lion of Persia.

Oh yes, Pride was fun too.