Little rant for the person who broke into our van and stole my guitar …

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Little rant for the person who broke into our van and stole my guitar …

This may be a blog that is largely about me wandering around playing my sax but I also play a bunch of other instruments including guitar and two nights ago somebody broke into Mo’s van (for the second time in two months), ransacked it and took a bunch of stuff … including my new Godin A6 Ultra with hard shell case and a Wii that I modded over Christmas to play backups of my own games – a gift for my nephew who is fighting brain cancer and can only really use one of his hands.

Now, I understand that some people feel helpless and without options and, as such, often turn to stealing as a means to an end but really, does our van look like one that is owned by a wealthy person?  Somebody whose financial standing can tolerate this kind of blow?  And even if it did, would that make it right?

I am disappointed in our culture that we have espoused a sector of people who believe that this behavior is somehow justified … I forgive the act but ‘pray’ for some kind of ensuing divine awareness.  And I hope the thief at least will play the guitar and provide some joy to others with their music.

For the thief … please stay out of our van, you have taken your fair share of our belongings … it is time to use what you have to give something back.  I also would not complain if you either returned the Wii or gave to another sick person needing some kind of enjoyable distraction … you seem to know how to get into the van, just leave it on the floor.

Please let me know when and where you are playing your next gig.