It’s going to be a year of adventure!

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It’s going to be a year of adventure!

I realize that I have been unusually quiet through this holiday season … well online anyway 😉  Many of my friends will already know that I have big plans for this year … Maureen and I have consolidated our living accommodations (no u-hauls were either used or harmed in this all-too-common lesbian ritual) and we went out and bought a super kick-ass RV which we plan to live and travel in for three quarters of the year when it is not so freaking cold and snowy out.  For the rest of this winter we are heading to Nicaragua where we will be working both on websites (me) and playing music (us).

I write this post as we complete our frosty 15-hour journey from Darnley, PEI to Ottawa, ON …

I am so enamored with the idea of living more simply so that I can do more of what I love (music) and less of what I really, really like (web dev) and I have been wanting to be able to do something like this for so long that I can’t believe I finally am!

Everywhere we go we tell people about our plans and without fail every single person wishes that they could do it too.  That plus the fact that I manage and play in three bands have led me to the realization that what I needed to do was to put together a spot where all of my goings on could be consolidated.  People seem to really like reading/hearing about our adventures and I never really know where to send people online when they just want general information about me as an artist (as opposed to info about one specific band or project).

I thought about buying a web domain for my name but most people can’t remember or pronounce my last name (Montreuil) … totally not helpful for a performer 😉  But everyone seems to resonate around thinking of me as “That girl with the sax” so I did it, I bought the domain and I have set up a portfolio site where all of my band info will live (along with being on their own individual sites) AND where I can document this beautifully awesome journey we are on to travel and play music as much as humanly possible.

Please take a look and let me know what you think, it’s still young.  Sign up for my newsletter if you want blog posts deliverred to your inbox, like my new facebook page if you want to stay in touch there and hook up with me on twitter if you want to get short bursts of what’s happening with Mo and I on our journey – it’s been pretty terrific so far, I am certain that it only gets better from here 🙂

I wish all of my friends and family as much fun and adventure as they can endure through this new and exciting year – please tell me all of your stories!  There’s nothing better than a good story 🙂